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Gold has been considered the most stable form of money since money was invented. Investments come in many varieties, from stocks to real estate, but the one investment that survives every market rollercoaster is precious metals, and in particular, gold. Its price may fluctuate, but its value is a given. Because unlike paper forms of money or even real estate, gold has intrinsic value. It has been treasured since the dawn of civilization. It will never become unpopular or untradable.

Investing in Gold Coins vs Gold Bars

In these shaky economic times, people look to gold as one of the few investments they can trust. The stock market and real estate market may nosedive and crash, but gold is indestructible. In fact, in times of market instability, unlike all other forms of investment, precious metals rise in price. With platinum and silver, gold is considered one of the few safe havens when other forms of money fail. That’s why the price of gold goes up when trouble occurs, because investors rush to buy it when banks and real estate show themselves for the shaky institutions they are.

The price of gold has risen steadily over the last several decades and that rise is expected to continue. Gold gurus predict that the price, now fluctuating at around $930 an ounce, will push through the thousand-dollar ceiling soon and break $1250, then continue rising steadily after that. Now is the perfect time to purchase gold, before there is another run on the market, which will raise the price and reduce availability.

The most practical way to purchase gold is in the form of gold coins. Unlike gold bars (called gold ingot), coins can be traded easily and in small amounts for cash. Both gold ingots and gold coins are made of the same pure metal, so their dollar value is identical. The one is simply easier to trade. Example: if you had $30,000 in the form a one-kilo bar, and wanted to cash $5,000 of that in to purchase an automobile, you’d have to pay dealer commission fees in hundreds of dollars to transfer the $25,000 remaining into the form of gold coins – an expense you could have saved yourself had you purchased your gold in the form of one-ounce coins to begin with.

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Investing in Gold Coins vs Gold ETF or Gold Certificate

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What about buying gold on the stock market in the form of certificates? Not a good idea, if your intention is economic security. The point of purchasing gold is that it survives the vicissitudes of the market. Gold certificates of any kind are part of the market and subject to its unstable fluctuations. The safe way to buy gold is to buy the metal itself.

Gold is the best assurance of economic security in these unpredictable times, and in the yet more challenging times we soon may be facing. In the event of another market crash, a cache of gold could be the difference between homelessness and safety, even wealth, for you and your family. Most financial pundits predict that if the global economy fails, gold will rise to two, three, possibly even four times its current dollar value. If you had a modest savings in gold coins, you could use that to pay off your mortgage, or to buy a new home for ten cents on the dollar. By contrast, if your savings are numbers in a bank account, or pieces of paper, the value of your investment could go up in smoke. Your home and everything dear to you could be jeopardized.

It’s upsetting to consider worse-case scenarios, but better to consider them than to experience them. It is possible to protect our earnings, even to profit from them, in an unsafe economy. Buying gold is one of the few ways to do that.       

Investing in Gold Coins

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